• Development of Software projects end to end

    CREative Development RApdily

  • Languages and technologies open source

  • Internet of Things

  • Industrial Automation

Mobile, web e internet of things.

Custom software, consulting, industrial automation and applications web and mobile. We design and develop software on demand.


Apps mobile and web

Study of functional requirements, development of system architecture, management of projects using agile and Scrum methods

The customer from the early stages of development has provided a prototype with which to test the functionality developed.

Technologies used;Python, Django, JQuery and SQLite, PostgresSQL and MongDB


Internet of things

Mobile Apps for real-time monitoring of embedded systems and data display:

  • push notifications
  • analysis and real-time performance parameters from the device
  • dashboard

Industrial Automation

software and consulting services for industrial automation and CNC machines

  • PLC Siemens S7 and operators panels
  • hard real-time systems based on RTAI linux
  • CNC machine software based on emc

Credra Dogane

Software for DAA and Excise electronic trasmission as published specification on the Agenzia dogane portal

Latest Work

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Credra Dogane

Welcome to CreDRa

Creative Development Rapidly

Credra since 2006 develops advanced computer systems for industrial processes monitoring, and web and mobile applications based on open source technologies.

We develop software tailored on customer specifications

Free software is an important ingredient , Marco Paolini (Research and Develpment) participates actively in the development of open source projects and Python and Django conferences. We believe that open source is a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Technologies used:

  • Linux, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Django, JQuery (Python and JavaScript Languages)
  • Siemens S7 and Linux RTAI (C and STL IEC 1131-3 languages)